What will you race today?

SimCompanion is a platform that aims to help you manage your collection of Sim Racing titles and downloadable content, providing a more enjoyable online and offline experience.

Integrate all your favorite racing games and engage with your community with one single tool. No plugins, no hassle.

  • Smart league management
  • Offline career system
  • Fresh race suggestions
  • And many more features...

We race together

Our goal is to inspire players to race something new every day, while also helping leagues and teams to organize and communicate better.

Upcoming races

Past races

April 12th, 18:00 GMT

Test race (results)

Automobilista / 360R Superlight / Cadwell Park

Organized by Team WeSimRace

March 24th, 20:00 GMT

F1 2018 Championship Round 1 (results)

Automobilista / Formula Ultimate / Albert Park

Organized by SimCompanion Test Track

March 16th, 20:00 GMT

Test Race (results)

Automobilista / 360R Superlight / Cadwell Park

Organized by Team WeSimRace

For racers, by racers

SimCompanion is in active development. There are still many features planned:

  • 3rd party content support
  • League championship tables
  • License system
  • Safety rating
  • Virtual money, buy and sell cars, logistics management
  • Sim integration via plugins



I work on this project on my spare time. Everything so far was built out of passion. Consider buying me a coffee if you want to help further development!



Added registration counter to upcoming sessions

Logged users can register in events through the dashboard

General website layout revision

Results listing now show the session time



Added community races listing to the home page

Communities now have clickable links

Time Trial leaderboard now shows car and track name


07/01/2018 - Steam integration

You can now link your account to your Steam profile

Steam players are now ranked on results wherever possible

Clicking on Reiza's time trials will open the leaderboard on a custom viewer instead of redirecting to VirtualXperience

Fixed position number formatting (21st, 22nd, etc.)



Showing links to past online events

New: session pages — results can be uploaded to events in XML format (rFactor)

Added PayPal donation button



Introduced AMS karts and kart tracks into database

Karting content and regular content will not be mismatched on quick race combo


01/01/2018 - Happy new year!

New: setup shop — share car setups within your team or publicly

Online preview for most ISI Engine-based games' setup files (.svm format)

Teams page: changed world map to be more accurate with GPS coordinates

Online events now have a countdown timer synced to GMT

Changed navbar structure to accomodate more links